Mountaintop Tree Services


Top 10 Best Reasons To Choose Mountaintop Tree Services:

1) We know you need help!

We know that this isn't a popularity contest. You have come looking for Allentown's Finest Tree Service Specialists since you need help for your cherished shade deliverers, or the unattractive, passing away tree that is beyond saving and now needs to be put out of its misery!

We are here to assist! Taking care of your trees is what we do, and we do it well. You discovered us due to the fact that you are searching for help with your trees. Being that we focus on providing the best tree service in Allentown PA and all other surrounding areas, we would state that you've come to the best place! Great tree care in Allentown is what you desire which is precisely what you're going to get from Allentown Mountain Top Tree Services.

2) Tree Services We Offer

There are many reasons you might be looking for the very best Tree Service in Allentown! We can assist you with all of them. Some of the services we offer are listed below. What is necessary is that you remember we are here to serve you and your household. None of these services matter if the company you employ doesn't put your interests first!

Our dedication to you is that no matter what handy tree service you employ us for, we will keep your best interests at heart, supply safety for your family, home, and our employees, and won't leave till the job is done to your complete satisfaction or arrangements have been made to do so.

With that having been stated, if you can't discover what you're searching for in this list, call us today with your demand at (610) 791-0460!

24 Hr Emergency Tree Service

  • Tree Removal
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Cutting
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning/ Tree Surgeon
  • Tree Cabling and Bracing
  • Tree Crown Thinning
  • Tree Crown Reduction
  • Brush Clearing/ Land Clearing
  • Wood Chipping
  • Fire wood
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Planting.
  • Preventative Tree Care.
  • And More ...

3) Mountaintop Tree Services is On Time, Every Time.

Mountaintop Tree Services is devoted to offering you timely service. We understand what it seems like to be placed on the back burner, and we don't like it either! Our local, knowledgable arborists make a thorough effort to give all of our clients immediate attention.

However, from time to time, being that there are so many well shaded, tree covered homes in town, with any of the Allentown tree service business, we will get lots of service calls around the exact same time, and have sufficient teams to meet the demand. Rest assured, at Mountaintop Tree Services, YOU AND YOUR TREES ARE IMPORTANT to us! We will work you in as rapidly as possible!

4) Same Day Service? Why, Yes!

Are you requiring exact same day emergency service? We offer Emergency Tree Care Service also! We understand that your job does not wait - even when there is a Fallen Tree in your driveway blocking your car! We understand that a fallen tree sticking in your Living Room ceiling can't stay there long either.

You are trying to find a tree service in Allentown PA to take care of your emergency scenario, so please call us at (610) 791-0460 . Emergency situation Service can often cost a bit more, however the peace of mind deserves it.

5) The Devil Is In The Details.

Your home is a financial investment. However, it is also your HOME. We understand that you have actually spent a great deal of time investing your heart, loan, time, and energy in to your house, yard, and trees.

Anytime that modifications are being made to your trees, we understand that you need us to be in advance about the modifications that will take place. We also understand that there are information that you might desire us to understand in taking unique care of this or that.

Be ensured that Mountaintop Tree Services will take your interests to heart and give unique attention to the important things that matter to you most!

6) Professional Tree Care.

The Very Best Tree Care Service in Allentown assembles work teams that are knowledgable, experienced, and have ample experience. Our crews have the proper education, accreditation, and insurance for supplying the level of service that you require!

Our professionally skilled arborists will work with you to put together a tree and shrub upkeep bundle that will keep your green friends healthy and in good shape all thru the year!

7) Competitive Prices.

With a lot of business supplying tree service in Allentown PA, it can get sort of puzzling on whom to select! Mountaintop Tree Services uses economical rates without jeopardizing the quality of our services. Take the first step and provide us a call to find out about our competitive pricing that keeps clients turning away from our competitors and into our specialized tree care service!

8) Safety Comes First.

At Mountaintop Tree Services, our Tree Experts take SAFETY very seriously. The safety of you, your neighbors, our team members, and your home is really crucial to us! Prior to each task, we take the time to analyze the job and prospective problem areas and after that take the essential preventative measures. That way, prior to beginning work, we have ensured that we have offered due diligence and surveyed all possibilities, making sure that everybody and whatever is safe and safe.

9) Serving Allentown and Surrounding Areas.

No matter where you reside in the city of Allentown or surrounding areas, we more than happy to supply our tree trimming service, tree removal service, or any of our other professional tree services to you. Our expert tree cutting teams can be found all around the Metro region and particularly in these towns:.

  • Allentown.
  • Bethlehem.
  • Wydnor.
  • Lanark.
  • Emmaus.
  • Plus More Cities

10) Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Mountaintop Tree Services is the # 1 service for professional Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Tree Service in Allentown PA in general. Our goal is to leave you 100% pleased with the job that we do.

We aim to make sure that the task is done right the very first time, and that we do it in a safe and efficient way for your household, property and our team members. We are careful to remove all tree trimming particles and leave your property better than how we found it.

Give MOUNTAINTOP TREE SERVICES a call today at (610) 791-0460 to ask us how we can come out and help you!